Welcome to Driiv Autosport, You've found our BMW Shocks and Struts page. The biggest concern is safety. For every day driving, as well as racing, we cannot express enough how important it is that your steering and suspension components are in excellent shape. Inspect the condition of the rubber protective boots on the control arms, tie rods and drag Links. If they seem brittle, replace them ( where possible) if they are torn, than most Likely the ball joints have suffered damage from water and dirt. It is imperative that you replace the ball joint or the complete part with balljoint(s). To check for suspension bushing and ball joint wear, Lift a corner of the car (jack/jackstand). Grasp the wheel at 12 and 6 O'clock position and try to rock it. If clunking or appreciable movement is present, a ball joint or suspension bushing will need to be replaced. It is also possible that the wheel bearing needs adjustment or replacement. Now grab the wheel at 3 and 9 O'clock positions. If clunking or movement is present, than it is likely that the tie rod or center drag link ball joints are worn.

BMW Shocks and Struts