Welcome to Driiv Autosport BMW Suspension page. We offer a variety of suspension tuning components. Customers make suspension improvements for a variety of reasons. Lowering the car by means of a "lowering spring set" is the most common modification. The purpose is to improve the vehicle's looks and performance. Another modification is to install stronger Anti-Roll bars (sway-bars). There is a front and a rear bar that connect the left and the right suspension sides together, in order to reduce body roll while cornering. Shock absorbers are another way of tuning the suspension of the car. Boge turbo-gas shocks offer the best "sporty" stock replacement alternative for everyday comfort, and are ideal for use with stock or lowering springs. We offer the Sachs Sporting Kits, a combination of Sachs lowering springs and special valued shocks for the driver with driving schools or competitive events in mind. To stiffen the unibody chassis for additional strength, we offer Strut braces for your car.

BMW Suspension