Powerchip AMG 63 6.3 liter V8 +30HP

Powerchip AMG 63 6.3 liter V8 +30HP
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    Your Mercedes-Benz CLK63 uses an ECU which has 'flash' memory. The flash EPROM inside the ECU is a hybrid and cannot be modified via a replacement part. Powerchip can 'flash' program the EPROM device by interfacing with the computer's wiring connector plugs to reprogram the chip that contains the engine's fuel delivery, ignition timing and throttle response settings. The ECU will need to be removed from the vehicle and sent to Bekkers via overnight courier. We have full photo ECU removal instructions to assist you and we will contact you after the order is made to organise the shipping information and other details. In standard form, the CLK63 produces 475 hp and 465 lb.-ft.
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