BMW E36 325/328/M3 (Turbo) Cam Set

BMW E36 325/328/M3 (Turbo) Cam Set
    Code: ENGCAMM52001
    Price: $1,999.00
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    BMW M50/52 Turbo Cam, Intake 290 deg with .475" lift, Exhaust 282 deg with .440" lift

    Designed for Turbo application on the M50 or M52 motor. These cams feature:

    - CAD-designed cold-forged billet (NOT re-grinds)
    - 8,500+ RPM with hydraulic lifters
    - 9,500+ RPM with race valvetrain
    - 290 deg Intake with .475" lift
    - 282 deg Exhaust with .440" lift
    - For US-based M50/M52/S50/S52 BMW motors (incl. M3)

    *Note: requires modification to intake cam tray for clearance