DIY-Replacement Antenna Mast for Most Mercedes Models

DIY-Replacement Antenna Mast for Most Mercedes Models
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    Do It Yourself and save a handy!!
    Do you have a pair of pliers and a girlfriend? Yes it is that simple:
    1) With the radio / ignition off, simply loosen the notched nut on the outside of your car antenna mount. ( you can see the gold threaded piece in the image above, that is what holds the mast in place)
    2) Girlfriend: Turn on ignition and radio, your antenna will slide out, the white antenna cable appears.
    3) hold the antenna / cable in place while your girlfriend turns of the radio. The antenna motor will try to suck in the antenna cable but you, with all your muscles ( and your pair of pliers) will keep it from going back in.
    4) Turn the radio on one more time and the rest of the cable will spit out.
    5) Now simply slide in your nice brand new antenna cable and turn the radio back off. The antenna motor will take in the new cable until it bottoms out. 6) Tighten the new notched nut and you are ready to ROCK & ROLL!! Available for W201,W124,W202,W210, W126, W140, W107, R129
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