H&R Sport Springs Mercedes Benz C55 AMG

H&R Sport Springs Mercedes Benz C55 AMG
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    H&R Sport Springs are designed and engineered for each particular application to lower the vehicle's center of gravity and reduce body roll. They offer the correct spring rate for low, aggressive looks, high performance handling and no ride harshness! Stock ride comfort is retained while a lowered ride height between 1.25" – 1.8" on average can be expected.

    Front and Rear fitment:
    Ride Height: Moderate Lowering:
    Avg low 1.4"F & 1.3"R.
    MBZ cars ride height may vary due to vehicle options and MBZ factory ride height adjustment shims. This original-MBZ-Part is a rubber shim perch, which is located on the top of the spring. These shims vary in thickness from 8 to 23mm.