BMW 335i SuperSprint Right Muffler w/ Dual Round Tips (80mm)

BMW 335i SuperSprint Right Muffler w/ Dual Round Tips (80mm)
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    The Supersprint rear mufflers are of the performance proven flow through resonated design, rather than the baffled chamber design used by the factory and many other manufactures. The internal tubing diameter optimizes performance while the long strand rock wool sound deadening material provides the mature tone that Supersprint is so well know for. Tubing diameter is increased from the factory 57mm to 60mm for additional backpressure reduction. The factory one-piece muffler system has a complex design, which includes a built in flapper valve on one side of the system that has the sole purpose to alter the sound note at certain pre-set rpm levels. This design reduces performance at low RPM. Supersprint rear mufflers alone increase the torque and max hp by a significant amount, especially at low rpm. The results are a mature aggressive sound free of droning, even at low rpm and high loads. Note:
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