We offer the most extensive flywheel listing for BMW applications that is available in the market and we are continually expanding our line to include the latest models. The following flywheel listings are designed to replace stock dual or nondual mass flywheels and to be used with the stock pressure plate and clutch assembly for the model listed unless otherwise noted. Our "ULTRA-LITE" competition only flywheels and flywheel/clutch packages custom designed for ultimate performance are available for many popular racing applications. Our flywheel kits include: CNC Machined Aluminum Flywheel, Ignition Triggers where Applicable, Dowel Pins, Helicoil Inserts and Pressure Plate Hardware, Replaceable Hardened Steel Clutch Disc Friction Surface, Starter Ring Gear - Heat Shrunk & Bolted-on, Hardened Flywheel Bolt Ring w/ Premium Grade Mounting Bolts. All Flywheels are Zero Balanced.

BMW Light Weight Flywheels