Welcome to Driiv Autosport, You've found our BMW Clutches page. We offer a full line of BMW Stock, BMW Sport and BMW racing clutches by Fichtel & Sachs , the original equipment manufactures for BMW. The stock replacement clutch kits contain a clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing. The sport and racing clutches are sold as individual components. Sachs sport & racing clutches are made for applications where the clutch is subject to above average wear, such as: Modified engine output, turbo-charging, autocross & track driving, racing or frequent trailer towing.

In most cases, a pressure plate with increased clamping force, combined with a sport clutch disc (torsion plate with organic friction material) will stand up to excessive forces. The lightweight pressure plate is made for racing, where reduced rotating mass is desirable. This allows quicker acceleration and deceleration of the engine.

WHILE YOU’RE IN THERE If your transmission is out, we strongly recommend replacing one or more of the following parts. When replacing the clutch, it is wise to go ahead and replace the pilot bearing. The rear main seal that keeps the oil from leaking out around the crankshaft usually loses its elasticity after five years or about 100,000 miles. It only takes minutes to replace while the transmission is out.

BMW Clutches